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Stephen Lyman artist's proof on canvas

Stephen Lyman artist's proof on canvas

Monumental size giclee.

Canvas measures 36 by 54 and is one of only  20 artist proofs.

It is in excellent original condition. Signed by his wife Andrea

in the lower right corner.


One can only wonder about the great images that were still

in his future. Stephen Lyman died while hiking in Yosemite

in 1996. 


Below is copied from Washington paper The Spokesman-Review

and it mentions the "Mountain Campfire" giclee.


Lyman Was Known Nationally For Paintings Of Campfires, Wilderness

Sun., April 21, 1996

Susan Drumheller The Associated Press ContributedStaff writer

The body of Stephen Lyman, a popular nature artist from Sandpoint, was recovered from a rocky ledge in a rugged area of Yosemite National Park on Saturday.

Lyman had been missing since Wednesday, when he set out on a day hike in the Cathedral Rocks area. The artist was on his 41st trip to Yosemite seeking inspiration for his paintings.

Two climbers were descending from a route on Middle Cathedral Rock at 7 p.m. Friday when they discovered a body in a steep, rocky gully, said park spokesperson Nikyra Calcagno.

“The gully is more vertical than horizontal. It’s craggy, loose granite,” Calcagno said. The rocks were wet and icy, apparently causing Lyman to fall 30 to 50 feet, rangers said.

Lyman, 38, was an experienced outdoorsman, who apparently enjoyed hiking in the Cathedral Rocks area because of the peregrine falcons roosting there.

His disappearance prompted a full-scale search involving 60 people, four dog teams and a helicopter.

Searchers focused on the Cathedral Rocks area after finding his vehicle near there. Lyman was last seen in the park’s research library Wednesday.

Lyman’s wife, Andrea, identified her husband’s body at a temporary park morgue about 6:15 p.m. Saturday, Calcagno said.

The Lymans have two boys, ages 8 and 10.

Rescuers did not reach the body on its rocky perch until 12:30 p.m. Saturday. The body was airlifted out.

Two days earlier, a ranger had heard a cry for help in the same area, but was unable to find anyone, according to park officials.

It snowed at Yosemite in the central Sierra Nevada on Wednesday. Nighttime temperatures have been in the 30s, rangers said.

Lyman was reported missing after he failed to appear at a Thursday interview in Sacramento about his book of art, “Into the Wilderness, An Artist’s Journey.”

The book sold out its 50,000-copy first printing within a few months on the market last year.

Lyman is known for wilderness landscapes that feature campfires. A print of “Mountain Campfire,” his first campfire scene, now sells for $4,000.

Last month, U.S. Art Magazine listed Lyman as the fourth most popular limited-edition print artist in the country.


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